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What is CS:GORanks? Rank me baby one more time

CS:GORanks strives to objectively show you who the best team in the world is right now.

Why not just visit other Rankings? We wanna be the very best...

At time of implementing our rankings there were no other rankings which quantifiably and objectively measured only the most important matches to generate an quthentic world ranking.

Why are the rankings relevant? But my team deserves to be higher up :(

Which tournaments are relevant? Only the very best.

Our rankings take only LAN-matches into consideration, that were played at important LANs. Meaning your prizepool needs to be at least 10.000$ high.

Did you know, you can help? You're da real MVP

If you spot wrong data on our pages or genereally just want to add something we overlooked, just shoot us an email at

Trueskill the algorithm

How does Trueskill work? Only the truest people know...

Trueskill is an algorithm developed by Microsoft and takes a statistical approach at calculating ladders. For more info check out our details page.

One more thing hang on buddy

We do not claim our rankings to be perfect, but we have a passion for perfection. Your feedback is important to us.

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